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   CU & Our Community
Residential Home A Commitment for Today & Tomorrow
As a local, community-owned utility, CU and its employees work with the community we serve to maintain and improve the quality of life we enjoy.

By working together, CU and its customers realize benefits that are good for everyone in this region we call home.

  Community Involvement

CU enjoys a unique bond with its customers and service area. Improving the lives of people we serve means the utility makes a positive difference with the friends, neighbors and citizens we see in the community every day. By investing in the community now, CU helps preserve the benefits of Springfield for future generations.

By building partnerships with groups ľ from nonprofits to environmental groups ľ we lend a helping hand to thousands of people in our community. At CU, we think that supporting programs in our community helps us be a better utility provider. Employees who are involved in local activities can better understand and serve our customers' needs.

Community Programs