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Hand holding flashlight CU uses a thorough and well-tested restoration process to respond to power outages.

Find out how to report an outage and see frequently asked questions about power restoration.

Outage Map
Outage Map View a map of electrical outages in City Utilities' service territory based on substations. Zoom in to see more details on neighborhood feeders.

Reporting a Power Outage
Report your power outage online using Manage My Account. If you don't already have a login, you will need to register before reporting your outage.

You may also call 1-888-863-9001 to report a power outage. The phone reporting system is an efficient & fast way to make a report. It is important to only report an outage once, as further calls to the outage hotline can clog the phone lines and prohibit other customers from reporting outages.

Non-electric outages may be reported by calling (417) 863-9000 and following the voice prompts.

Reporting a Street Light Outage
Report a street light outage online using this online form or by calling (417) 863-9000.

Update Your Outage Phone Number
Update your outage phone number
During a power outage, City Utilities uses your phone number to report your outage call in our computer system. Providing City Utilities with an up-to-date phone number will allow you to report your power outage faster.

Report a power outage for your home or business:

Report Online or

call 1-888-863-9001

If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, call 911.

Power Outage Safety Basics
  • Stay away from any downed line, whether on the road or in your yard. To report a power outage at your home or business, call CU at 1-888-863-9001. If you want to report a downed line, even if you are not sure if it is an electric, telephone or cable line, call (417) 863-9000 and choose the electric option.
  • Do not remove debris from power lines - assume they are electrified and dangerous. Use extreme caution when inspecting your property. Downed power lines, whether obvious or hidden by debris, have the potential to energize fences and other objects they contact.
  • Respect any electric emergency or work scene and treat it as any other emergency scene. Please keep your distance and allow crews to work without distraction.
  • Be aware of electric lines at all times, especially when moving ladders or doing any work on or near the roof of your home. Assume that any line is electrified and dangerous.
  • Never climb electric poles or towers, or enter CU electric facilities, like substations.
  • Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for operating portable generators. Improper operation can be hazardous both to you and to utility workers, as generators may cause carbon monoxide poisoning and/or generators may feed power back into CU's lines, posing an electrical risk.

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