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   Even or Odd Watering
Even or Odd? Even or Odd?

It’s good for your yard!

And it’s good for our community.
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Saving water means saving money. That works for everyone!
It’s simple to do. Check your house number. Even or odd?

Even & Odd Watering
  • If your house number is even…
    If your house number ends in an even number, like 532, 4298, or 8266, water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • If your house number is odd…
    If your house number ends with an odd number, like 531, 4299, or 8267, water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

What about Monday?
We all take a break—no watering on Monday. But, our yards will still receive enough water to keep them healthy and attractive. Typically, even in dry and hot conditions, it is not necessary to water every day.

Save water
With your help, Springfield may be able to save 5 million gallons of water every day, preserving one of our most precious and valuable natural resources. We need water to live, so let’s all use it wisely.

Save money
Plus, by saving that much water—enough for 17,000 homes—expensive projects like a new water treatment plant, necessary to serve customers with drinking water they need, may be delayed further into the future.

More Information
If you would like more information, please review this brochure.