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   Transit Services - Advertising Opportunities
Bike & Bus Commuting Ads that move people.
Transit advertising, an increasingly popular outdoor venue, is one of the most effective and best-value marketing tools available.

We offer several different options to meet your advertising needs, from bus wraps, bus shelters, and bus benches to inside panels.
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  • CU Transit Advertising
    Here’s your opportunity to travel 200 miles a day throughout Springfield. We’ll take you throughout the business and residential areas and visit the major tourist attractions. Think of the hundreds of local and out-of-town people that you’ll meet every minute of the business day. Transit advertising can give your business more exposure per customer viewing at one-half or less the cost of other types of media.

    For more information, call City Utilities' Communications & Community Relations Department at (417) 831-8630.
  • Ads on the Move
    Bus Wrap
    By placing your advertisement on or in a City Utilities bus, your ad will travel the town and offer high visibility through the area.

    Bus wraps, made of 3M Scotchprint vinyl materials, can be placed anywhere on the bus sides, backs, and windows and with a seamless film. Wraps offer the advertiser exceptional versatility.

    Bus Advertising Panel Over a million riders per year spent anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on a CU bus last year. As ridership continues to rise, so does your opportunity to reach the public with your message. Inside bus advertising panels (11” x 4’) will accommodate a variety of ads. Reach a captive audience with this unique advertising tool.
  • Roadside Advertising Bus Shelter
    Target your audience by placing your ad at one of our strategically-placed bus shelters, offering high visibility throughout the Springfield metro area. Reach high-traffic volumes at major business and retail locations.

    Bus shelters feature a full-side or full-back placement and some locations allow your message to be changed at any time during your contract period. Illuminated ads are available at limited locations.

    Bus Bench Bus benches provide the impact of billboard advertising for a third of the cost. Your message can be placed on one of the over 200 bus benches strategically located throughout Springfield.