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   Transit Services - Fare Information
Fare Box Welcome Aboard!
Low-cost pricing means riding the bus can be affordable for everyone.

Avoid the high cost of gasoline and save the wear and tear on your vehicle. Take advantage of the convenient transit system available in Springfield.
Transit Overview >  Fare Information
  • Transit Pricing
    Description Amount
      Cash fare
      30-ride ticketbook
      60-ride ticketbook
      Daily pass - unlimited
      7-day pass - unlimited
      31-day pass - unlimited
      Semester pass (full-time college student)

    Youth (5-18)
      Cash fare
      30-ride ticketbook
      60-ride ticketbook
      Daily pass - unlimited
      7-day pass - unlimited
      31-day pass - unlimited

    Elderly (65+), Disabled, or Medicare Card Holder
      Cash fare
      30-ride ticketbook
      60-ride ticketbook
      Daily pass - unlimited
      7-day pass - unlimited
      31-day pass - unlimited
      Cash fare

      Single use on any bus within 60 minutes

    Children (under 5)
      When accompanied by an adult


  • Reduced Fares

Curb - City Utilities' Ridership Benefit.  Transit benefits that give your employees a ride to work.

Call us... we'll help plan your ride.  831-8782

City Utilities' Driver of the Year.

Adopt a Bench.  Call 831-8782 for more information.

  • Where to Buy
    Bus passes may be purchased at the following locations:
    • Transit Services: 1505 N. Boonville  -  accepts debit & credit cards
    • Ozarks Technical College (semester & adult passes)
    • MSU Bursar's Office (semester passes only)
    • Select Walgreens locations: (Four passes available: Adult 1, 7, & 31-day passes, and the elderly (65+), disabled, or medicare card holder 31-day pass.)
        Walgreens  -  Kansas Expressway & Kearney
        Walgreens  -  Battlefield & Campbell

  • Transfers
    If a transfer to another bus line is needed, you may obtain a transfer from the bus operator at the time of boarding. A single use transfer may be purchased for an additional $0.10 or an all day transfer may be purchased for a price of two additional bus fares.

    Please Remember the Following Regulations:
    • You must ask the driver for a transfer when boarding the bus.  Transfers will not be issued at any other time during your trip. You cannot obtain a transfer when you exit the bus.
    • The transfer will have a “time issued” time printed on it.  You must catch the next available bus traveling the route to which you are transferring in order for the transfer to be valid.
    • All transfers are made at the Bus Terminals only ( Park Central; Wal-Mart/Kearney; Boonville; Battlefield Mall)
    • If the bus you are riding is more than five minutes late, no transfers are guaranteed. Occasionally buses are delayed by trains, traffic, construction, etc.
    • If on a combined route, this is not considered a transfer and you will be allowed to stay on the same bus. (line 4/13, 10/15, and 8/10) Drivers code as in-line transfer.
    • When you board the second bus, give your transfer to the driver or put in the fare box. Do not leave on the driver’s seat.
    • Transfers are not valid for making a round trip. For example, you may not ride the bus downtown, shop for 30 minutes and use the transfer to return home.
    • To transfer from Line 6 bus to the other Line 6 bus, you must have a transfer.
    • Transfers may not be sold or given away.

    In case of a dispute with a driver, please pay the fare and call (417) 831-8782.