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   Map My Ride - Trip Planner
Map My Ride This easy-to-use tool will help you plan your travels through Springfield.

For more assistance planning your ride, call (417) 831-8782.
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Trip Planner Tips
  1. Use the physical address (i.e. 301 E Central).
  2. You DON'T need to type in the city, state or zip.
  3. Streets that begin with MT, such as MT VERNON, may not be found. Try retyping the address as MOUNT VERNON and resubmitting.
  4. Some streets use an abbreviation for part of the name (i.e. Kansas Expy could also be Kansas Expressway.
  5. Directions such as East, West, North, & South need only the initial letter (i.e. S for South).
  6. Enter street intersections using the & symbol instead of the word AND.
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