September 2016 Board Update

Sep 29, 2016

Utility to Surplus Two Pieces of Property

City Utilities will soon be accepting sealed bids on two pieces of property. One location at the northeast corner of Grand and South street was formerly the site of an elevated water storage tank from 1927 until the mid-nineties. The second site is the property located at McDaniel and Patton. The site served as the Bus Transfer Station from 1984 until the new Transit Center went into service in May of this year. Additional information on the properties and bidding process will be available the week of October 10.


Fuel Rate Adjustments for Electric and Natural Gas Customers

CU customers can expect to pay approximately $1.20 more per month for electric use than the same period one year ago. The fuel rate adjustment period is from October 2016 through March of 2017 and is based on customer use plus the actual cost of fuel used during the previous six-months. Including this current adjustment, based on a 1000 kWh usage, the monthly impact is $1.50 less than the 10-year average fuel rate. The adjustment is part of the normal semi-annual process that aligns projected fuel costs used to produce electricity for customers with actual fuel costs.

Through a similar adjustment mechanism, natural gas customers can expect to pay less for natural gas over the next six months. Residential customers using average volumes of natural gas should pay $.59 less per month than projected gas costs, based on expected residential customer usage averaging 102 therms per month. Natural gas prices are adjusted monthly to match projected prices for the fuel, and twice a year the rates are realigned through the recovery adjustment.


Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, October 8 – Citizens Advisory Council Meeting/Public Hearing
  • Tuesday, October 25 – Board Committee Meeting. (Tentative Date)
  • Thursday, October 27 – Board Meeting
  • Saturday, October 29 – Halloween Hustle 5k/10k