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Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Jan 10, 2017 | 1 comment

No one can predict when and how long you might be displaced from your home or how long you might be without power when disaster strikes. Being prepared is the best way to lessen the stress in the event of an emergency. Here’s how you can get prepared:

Create A Plan – Discuss with your family a contact plan and place. Be sure to include an out-of-town contact person or place where you might go, if you must evacuate. Keep copies of important documents like passports, insurance policies and titles in your emergency kit.

Make An Emergency Kit – Grab a plastic tub or a backpack and add items like flashlights, batteries, portable radio, non-perishable food items (don’t forget a manual can opener), bottled water, medications, first aid supplies, copies of important documents, cash, blankets, extra clothing, and items for your furry family members.


Damaged Utility Lines – Always stay away from utility lines on the ground. Report downed lines by calling us at 417-863-9000 and saying “electric service problem.”

Check Your Weatherhead – The weatherhead is a weatherproof service drop entry point typically on your roof where overhead power enters your home or business. If the weatherhead is damaged, you have to have it repaired by a private, licensed electrician before we can reconnect electric service. The electrician is responsible for notifying us once these steps are complete and power can be restored to your home.

Portable GeneratorsWe have a whole post about generator safety here. Help us help you in the event of an emergency and read our safety tips before you install a generator.

Community Shelters – If you need to go to a community shelter during an emergency, bring your emergency kit, remain calm and be patient. Remember that pets are not allowed at most shelters, with the exception of service animals.

Want to keep a copy of these tips handy? We made a brochure that you can print and add to your emergency kit. Click here to download the PDF.