Preparing For A Presidential Visit

Sep 1, 2017 |

When the president comes to town, there are a lot of local organizations that get involved with making the visit a success. From city officials and the police department to medical professionals and airport staff, it takes a village to get the city ready. Did you know that we play a part in a presidential visit, too?

Before the president arrives in Springfield, our electric crews check all the power lines and services that might impact the president’s visit to make sure that all potential problems are resolved in advance. They’ll check for things like trees on or near the lines or limbs that might need to be trimmed back. While we can check for those problems, we still need to be ready for things we can’t control like vehicle accidents, critters getting into things they shouldn’t and Mother Nature when the president is in town.

The president’s first stop is the airport. We have a troubleshooter stationed at the airport if something happens to the power. A troubleshooter’s main job when there’s an outage is to be the first person on the scene to isolate the problem and either fix it if he can or call in to dispatch to let them know what other crews are needed to get power restored.

Once the president arrives at the event venue, we have a crew in the area on stand-by just in case something happens. In addition, other field crews who may be working on other projects are also on stand-by to help. We also have troubleshooters onsite from the time he arrives until the time he leaves.

In addition to ensuring that the power stayed on for the president’s visit, we also provided buses to other Springfield organizations. These support buses helped those organizations in their role to making the visit a success. Like we said, it takes a village and we’re happy to be part of the Springfield village that made this event successful!

Photo Source: Springfield-Branson National Airport