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Payment Kiosk & Mobile Payment App Update

Dec 1, 2017

Payment Kiosk and Mobile Payment App Update

PayPal, the parent company of TIO Networks, has notified City Utilities of a vulnerability and possible breach of customer information through the TIO Network operation. TIO Networks was the provider of the operating system for CU payment kiosks and CU mobile payment app. Customer information potentially at risk through the TIO Networks system is believed to be limited to customer checking account information including name, and address, phone number, utility billing account, bank account, and check routing number. Based on its investigation to date, PayPal has not uncovered evidence of City Utilities’ customers’ credit or debit card, or other personally identifiable information having been compromised.

The information is isolated to a third-party vendor and does not include any customer information, or payments made through City Utilities’ internal systems or website applications. TIO Network systems are impacted nationwide.

CU has identified approximately 9,000 customers who have used the payment kiosks or mobile app. We will be contacting those affected via direct mail. TIO Networks will be providing credit monitoring to those customers whose personally identifiable information may have been compromised.

TIO Networks’ kiosk systems, and the mobile application were in use by City Utilities from September of 2012, through November 10, 2017 when, at that time, CU and other TIO customers were notified by PayPal, the new owner of TIO, of a potential vulnerability on the systems and requested that use of all TIO mobile payment apps and payment kiosks be discontinued.

“The personal information of customers is not something we will place at risk,” said Scott Miller, General Manager, City Utilities of Springfield. “The ability to securely interact with the utility, or any business, is absolutely necessary. We apologize to our customers that are impacted by this situation and regret the inconvenience.”

Prior to the notification, CU was in the process of moving to another provider for the kiosk systems. New, secure payment kiosks are expected to be in operation at City Utilities by early 2018. Until that time, customers may pay utility bills in person at 301 E. Central, by mail or by phone, and at approved payment locations. The CU website is also available to accept payments, and provides additional information on payment methods and updates as available regarding the TIO Networks breach.