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Give Your Budget A Boost

Jan 2, 2018

The unpredictability of your utility bill during the frigid winter months can make budgeting for your household difficult. Even though the temperatures may give you the shivers, don’t let your utility bill! Higher energy use, which naturally happens when the weather gets cold, inevitably leads to a higher utility bill.

Now, imagine how much easier it would be to plan your monthly finances if you had one predictable payment for your utility bill. That’s where Level Pay comes in to play. If you’ve lived at the same address for at least 12 months, you’re eligible to sign up for Level Pay.

Once you’re signed up, we will average your bills for the last year and give you a payment amount that will remain the same all year long, even as the temperatures drop. You only pay for your actual usage, but averaged, to avoid the seasonal highs and lows.

We will continue to read your meter each month and your monthly bill will show your exact usage so that when we review your account at the end of every year, we can make adjustments if they’re needed.

Are you ready to sign up for Level Pay? Click here!

Want to learn more ways you can save this winter? Check out this video!