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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Feb 26, 2018

In the world of utilities and public entities, partnerships and teamwork between organizations are essential. The goal is to keep all projects moving smoothly and protect the safety of the public.

You’ve likely had to navigate one such project in the last two years driving on Chestnut Expressway near Highway 65. CU partnered with MoDOT on this project to help ensure the safety of workers and guarantee there would be no disruptions of utilities to the surrounding customers.

Several different types of utility lines were relocated including electric, gas, fiber optic and water. CU had a hand in moving electric, gas and water utilities. In this particular project, MoDOT paid for the relocation of any utility located in the MoDOT right of way that needed to be moved as a result of improvements.

During the excavation of the project, some very old, undocumented utility phone lines were discovered. These were likely installed in the 1960s before we had all the great mapping technology that we have today.

Everyone’s primary goal when working together on projects is safety. CU and MoDOT work together to ensure the safety of the construction workers and the traveling public.

The last piece of the collaboration puzzle is a quarterly meeting between CU and MoDOT to review the most current list of upcoming road construction projects.  This allows everyone to be informed and on the same page. This is a proactive approach to make sure all agencies can effectively plan for system expansions, whether it is the utility system or the state’s road system.