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Jun 20, 2018

We have some of the best bus operators around! In honor of Communities In Motion Week, we’re celebrating them on Twitter with #ThankADriver day! Want to help us #ThankADriver? Hop over to Facebook or Twitter and share your experience with #ThankADriver.

Here are just a few of the compliments our drivers have received recently.

Lynn told a passenger and her two friends, who were getting off at Safe To Sleep, to be careful because she had just seen a man near a light and couldn’t see him anymore. The ladies walked another way from their stop to their destination. They found out later that a car had been stolen around there about that time.

Thanks to Renee for going the extra mile for a passenger in need and for getting us some positive press!

Caller states, “All of the bus drivers are wonderful,” and, “They are up beat and positive, and I love Fernando.”

Thanks Keith, for helping a passenger get a pass, through the Pennies for Passes program, so her son could get to work.

Fernando, Dottie and Larry have gone above and beyond what I have seen as the norm during the year I have ridden the bus. They have made riding the bus less of an ordeal.

This morning, dear Tim had on his bus with him a bucket of ice salt melt. Every time he stopped at a bus stop, he would apply some of the ice melt so the passenger could board his bus in safety. I think all the drivers are wonderful people and very customer service oriented.

Ben received a called in compliment on how well he handled the icy road conditions on February 10. “Thanks for keeping the passengers safe.”

One of our visually impaired riders called in to compliment Andy, Everett and Dottie on their efforts with ADA announcements. He stated, “They do a great job and it helps me orient my location.”

An email thanks was received for Mark in appreciation of his efforts to load passengers at the Transit Center so they don’t have to wait on the platform in the cold.

Wes was recognized by a passing motorist for his patience and concern for a visually impaired rider during the snowy weather.

A passenger called in to compliment Everett stating, “He treats people the way they should be treated.”

Thanks to Alan for making an extra effort to get some passengers home at the end of your shift.

Interested in a career as a bus operator? We’re looking for another great person to add to our team. Apply now!