June 2018 Board Update

Jun 28, 2018

June Board of Public Utilities Meeting

The Board of Public Utilities met today and received updated financial, legislative, and operational information from various areas of the utility.


Utility Savings Tips for Summer Months

The rapidly changing weather conditions this summer can easily mean higher than expected utility bills. CU reminds its customers there are several ways to help conserve energy and water to reduce utility bills.

  • Save 3-5% of your cooling costs for each degree you set above your normal setting. The suggested temperature for summer months is 78 degrees.
  • Consider installing a programmable thermostat.
  • Ceiling or portable fans typically make you feel 6–8 degrees cooler, allowing for higher thermostat settings and more energy savings.
  • Check your home for air leaks around doors and windows.
  • Make sure the cooling system is working properly and the filters are clean.
  • Using the Even/Odd watering method for watering your lawn can conserve water and lower your bill.

Customers who have established accounts may qualify for Level Pay billing. Level Pay lets you pay an expected amount each month.

For more ways to save year-round on your utility bill and payment options, visit the “Ways to Save” section at www.cityutilities.net.


Sanitary Sewer Rate Increase Begins with August Bills

Springfield residents will see the City of Springfield’s sanitary sewer rate increase go into effect July 1, and customers will notice this change on their August utility bills. While this is not a service of CU, it is added to the bill as a service to the City and residents of Springfield. Customer Service Representatives with CU can address some questions; however, more information is available through the City of Springfield.


Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, July 4 – Offices Closed in observance of Fourth of July
  • Tuesday, July 24 – Board Committee Meeting (Tentative)
  • Thursday, July 26 – Board Meeting