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Hello! My Name Is Peter.

Jul 13, 2018

Hello! My name is Peter. I’ve been with CU for almost three months working as an Engineering Designer Co-op. At CU, co-ops are college students who are working to get experience in their field while they are still in school.

CU: What do you do in your position?

Peter: I meet customers to provide line cover, perform streetlight requests, and work to provide customers with private outdoor lighting.

CU: What’s your favorite thing you do?

Peter: My favorite things that I do is work together as a team to find solutions to problems and complete jobs in the best way possible.

CU: Why do you like working for us?

Peter: I love working for CU because I am able to make a difference and serve the community that I love so very much. The people are caring and helpful, and there is a sense of home and belonging that goes with the work I do.

CU: Why should someone want to apply to work in your department?

Peter: My department provides work in the community, which is much needed. All the people I work with are respectful, caring, and always willing to help.

CU: What do you do outside of work for fun?

Peter: Outside of work, I enjoy the outdoors by fishing, hunting and sports. Every second I can do these things with family and friends is time well spent.

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