Upgrade Your Home’s Efficiency For $25

Jan 2, 2019

After the holidays, you may be strapped for cash but you also want to start your year with a more energy efficient home. Here’s five tips that you can do right now for less than $25 that can improve the efficiency of your home.

  1. Weather stripping around door frames and windows. A roll that will cover about two doors costs around $3.
  2. Switch and outlet insulating sealers over switches and outlets on exterior walls. A bag of six costs about $3.
  3. Fingertip rope caulk for sealing windows – especially single-pane windows. A 90-foot roll costs about $5.
  4. Window insulating kit aka shrink-wrapping your windows. A kit for five 3’x5′ windows costs about $8.
  5. Low-expanding foam sealant for areas where pipes come up from the crawlspace. A can costs about $5. (This tip is not recommended for renters.)

How do you know where cold air may be leaking into your home? Use the look, listen and feel method to find air leaks. Look for light between door jams, at the bottom of doors and in window sashes. Seal these gaps with weather stripping. Listen when the wind blows for air whistling as it pushes between gaps around windows and trim. Fill these gaps with fingertip rope caulk. Feel for cold drafts around exterior wall outlets and wall switches. Insulate these areas with switch and outlet insulating sealers.

Have questions about energy efficiency or want more tips? We’ve got you covered.