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Why You Should Love AMI

Feb 5, 2019

In 2015, we started the process of converting all electric, gas and water meters to Advanced Metering Infrastructure, also known as AMI. AMI allows two-way communication between the meters and CU, which helps us serve you better and there are many benefits for you!

Electric meters collect your usage every 30 minutes, and gas and water meters collect your usage hourly. The meters transmit that data to us via a two-way network. We can also communicate remotely with your meters to get current reads, check the status, as well as disconnect and reconnect power.

Access to all this great information is one of the benefits for you! On your Manage My Account dashboard, you can see graphs that breakdown your usage by hour, which can help you be more efficient and save money. Additionally, when power at your home is interrupted, we are automatically notified by the meter.

Here is a short list of some other great benefits of the AMI meter:

  • Outage notification
  • Reduction of vehicle emissions (meter reader vehicles)
  • Future ability for renewable resources (current solar energy program)
  • Identification of theft (helps keep costs low)
  • Identification of water leaks or troubleshooting excessive usage
  • Customer privacy (no meter reader on your property)
  • Reduced risk to utility employees (dog bites, vehicle incidents, other job hazards)
  • Fewer estimated bills due to the inability to conduct a manual read because of locked gates, bad dogs, etc.

What’s even better? There is no charge to you for this new technology.

If you don’t have AMI meters installed at your home yet, we’ll get to you soon! When we’re installing meters in your neighborhood, you’ll receive a letter from us prior to the planned installation and when we’re ready to install at your house, a uniformed CU employee will knock on your door. If you’re not home, we’ll finish the installation and leave you a note that we were there.

Once you have AMI meters installed, you’ll have access to all these great benefits. Do you have more questions? Check out our FAQ or call us at 417-831-8800.