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5 Spring Projects To Beautify Your Landscape

Apr 3, 2019

The beautiful weather is calling to you to get outside and work on some projects! Do you need some ideas for some awesome projects to start this spring that will beautify your home and landscape? To celebrate April as National Safe Digging Month, we have the perfect projects for you! Be sure you call 811 or visit before you start digging. (PS: It’s a completely FREE service that will help you avoid expensive damages that could result in utility service interruption, injury or even death.)

Add a garden. Nothing says spring quite like a new flower or vegetable garden! This easy project simply requires a shovel and some plant seeds or starter plants. Did you know? Even though you aren’t digging very deep, you could still accidentally do costly damage to an underground utility if you don’t know what’s below.

Build a fence or deck. Spruce up the look of your backyard with a new fence, deck or patio! If you’re taking the DIY route, you want to call Missouri One Call at 811 before you start digging your post holes.

Plant some decorative shrubbery. Adding some bushes or shrubs to your front yard can be a simple project to instantly update the curb appeal of your home. Don’t let the couple of holes you dig land you with an expensive mistake. Visit at least three working days before you dig.

Update your mailbox. Has your mailbox seen better days? Give it a face lift with a quick trip to the hardware store. If you have to dig a new hole to install your new mailbox, you need to call 811 or click. Don’t rely on your memory if you’ve previously had your yard marked.

Plant a new tree. Adding new trees to your yard has many benefits. If you plant a large tree, it can help reduce your cooling bill in the summer by keeping your home in the shade. In addition to digging safely, make sure your tree is also in the right place.

As you get out there this spring, keep these things in mind before you start your digging project.

  • Underground facilities are everywhere, and damaging one could be dangerous.
  • You are required by law to place a locate request before any type of excavation or digging.
  • Damages only occur one percent of the time when a locate request is completed.
  • Placing a locate request is FREE. Call 811 or go to to make your request.
  • You must make your locate request three working days prior to starting your project.
  • Mark your dig site with white paint or white flags before contacting Missouri One Call.
  • Always confirm each utility’s response before beginning excavation.
  • Always hand dig within two feet of marks or flags.
  • Never assume the depth of a buried facility.