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7 Tips To Stay Healthy & Drink More Water

May 6, 2019

City Utilities employees take pride in making sure that when you turn on your tap for a drink of water, you don’t have to worry. Help us raise a glass during National Drinking Water Week, May 5-11, celebrating the work they’ve done for the past 60 years to connect you to clean drinking water each and every day.

To celebrate National Drinking Water Week, here are seven ways to stay healthy by drinking more water.

1. Invest in a water bottle you’ll actually use and take it with you everywhere.

2. Customize a water bottle with deadlines to help you remember to have a drink.

3. Infused your water with fruits, veggies or herbs. Our favorite is mint and cucumber or basil and strawberry!

4. If you don’t like how tap water tastes, try using a Brita pitcher (or something similar). Water is always tastier when it’s cold or served over ice – oh so refreshing!

5. Squeeze a drink into the routines you already have. After the quick rinse when you brush your teeth, refill your glass and guzzle it while you’re getting ready for the day.

6. Use a reusable straw. Because straws make anything infinitely more awesome and the planet will love you, too.

7. Hydrate with water-based foods like watermelon or cucumbers – perfect for the hot summer days that are fast approaching!

So, go on and have a drink!

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