5 Secret Tips For Getting Around On The Bus

May 8, 2019

We’ve got a secret. Well, we have five secrets. Five secrets that you may not know that will help you get around easier on The Bus. Are you ready for this? Here we go…

Download Token Transit

Let your smartphone be your ticket to ride The Bus. Who needs paper tickets when you have a smartphone in your pocket! Download the Token Transit app and pay for passes with your credit or debit card. The app conveniently stores all of your purchased passes on your phone.

Where’s My Bus?

In the “Where’s My Bus?” desktop tracker, you can view every stop on every route. Zoom in on an area of the map to see all the stops on the routes in that area.

RouteShout 2.0

Take it to the next level and download the free RouteShout 2.0 app. This allows you to see real-time information about catching your ride in a mobile-friendly app!

Real-Time Bus Tracking

Generally speaking, the GPS locators on the buses are shown in real time, but technology doesn’t always work the way we hope it will so it’s best to always be early to catch your bus. We recommend arriving 10 minutes early to your stop.

Find Your Perfect Route

Is it your first time riding The Bus? Are you a veteran rider who’s headed to a new spot? We can help! You can plan your trip right on the cutransit.net homepage. Enter where you’re at, where you’re headed and the time you’d like to travel, and we’ll instantly map your best route for you.

Hopefully these five not-so-secret tips help you to better access The Bus! If you have any questions about your route, call us at 417-831-8782.