May 2019 Board Update

May 30, 2019

June 17 – 21 Recognized as Communities In Motion Week

City Utilities Transit joins other community transit providers in recognizing the efforts and success of public transportation. CU will host several events the week of June 17 – 21, including free donuts, free transit rides, and a chance to get tickets to Springfield Cardinals games. Details of Communities In Motion Week will be provided as prior to the events.

Customer Service & Engagement Plans Discussed with Board

Proactive and prompt customer service is the goal of several new efforts that were presented today. “Reaching our customers in ways that are not only efficient but are expected in today’s world is the goal of these programs,” said Gary Gibson – Associate General Manager, Customer Operations & Communication, “Utility customers want on-demand data and rapid communication and our plan is to provide these tools in the near future.”

Some changes have already been implemented with others such as an interactive customer portal, and the possibility of pre-paid metering being researched. Customers calling in have seen a decrease in the amount of call-waiting times. On average, the time has dropped from over two-minutes in February to under one-minute during April. Customers may call 863-9000 for service issues while electric outages should always be reported by calling 1-888-863-9001.

 Details of changes and updates will be provided as the options become available to customers.

Upcoming Events:

  • Communities In Motion Week; June 17 – 21
  • Tuesday, June 25 – Board Committee Meeting (Tentative)
  • Thursday, June 27 Board Meeting