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Jun 18, 2019

We have some of the best bus operators around! In honor of Communities In Motion Week, we’re celebrating them on Twitter with #ThankADriver day! Want to help us #ThankADriver? Hop over to Facebook or Twitter and share your experience with #ThankADriver.

Here are just a few of the compliments our drivers have received recently.

A woman called to tell us that Ron B. was driving the line 38 and was an excellent all-around driver.  She says he was polite, mannerly, personable and was knowledgeable about the routes.  Nice job, Ron! She also wanted to mention that Everett G. does a nice job as well.  He communicates with customers well, has good customer service, and gives a smooth ride.

Ramona asked for a thank me to be passed on for the Line 2 drivers, specifically Chris., for knowing who the passengers are at Safe to Sleep at Pathways United Methodist Church and for being so kind to them.

Fernando S. was given a “thank you” note by a passenger.  The note stated that she was new to riding the bus and was terrified of learning the system,  She said Fernando was patient and friendly, helping her to relax while learning to ride the bus.

Tim C. stopped and helped an elderly woman having health issues and called her daughter and she came to take care of her.

I had caught my purse in my WC and Derek D. tried so hard to get it out and it tore in half. I was so upset and I didn’t know how I was going to get another purse. When I got home last night there was a brand new purse just like the one I had hanging on my front door. Tell him thank you!

This morning, dear Tim had on his bus with him a bucket of ice salt melt. Every time he stopped at a bus stop, he would apply some of the ice melt so the passenger could board his bus in safety. I think all the drivers are wonderful people and very customer service oriented.

Both Brian S. and Ron B. gave a courtesy rides to a passenger who could not get a pass when the TVM was broken.

Larry took some salt and spread it at his slick bus stops on a morning with freezing rain.

Mike had a passenger who became ill on the bus.  He was very understanding and helpful.  He offered the man some water and was compassionate.

A man approached a supervisor at the Transit Center and wanted us to know that Dottie was the best driver we have.

I want to compliment Daphne. There were a lot of crazy drivers and people out today and I have to say she just moved on and did a great job. She handled herself very professionally.

I jumped up and down, and the driver was so gracious to stop and wait for me. I was freezing. We can all learn a thing or two from Bryan. That lesson is compassion. I wanted to personally thank him for just that.

A man called to say he saw Jody get off his bus to wake a passenger in a wheelchair who had fallen asleep while waiting for the bus.  Jody then assisted the man onto the bus making certain he did not miss his trip.

I have encountered nothing but CU’s finest! Kind drivers who compassionately helped me due to my disability, on my way from stop to destinations. I am VERY grateful for these individuals. It is important to me to feel safe on the buses I utilize. Thank you, everyone!

Chris asked security to locate some water for a passenger.  The regular passenger had been out all day, alone, due to her spouse being in the hospital and she was over heated.

Mike encountered a young woman in a wheelchair at the Mercy turnout.  She was disoriented and wearing a hospital wristband.  She had wandered away from the Mercy ER and did not know where she was.  He called for assistance and waited with her until help arrived.

Nathan wanted me to know that Dottie is the best driver we have when it comes to customer service.  She makes his day no matter how bad of a day he is having.

John saw a man running to the bus stop and took the time to pull over and wait for him to board the bus.

Zach remained very calm and professional when two people tried to board with expired and ineligible passes. The caller was impressed how good Zach was at handling the situation.

Brian was very sweet and nice to a lady that was passed out in the shelter at Wal-Mart.  He took the time to nicely ask her if she was ok and offer to help.

Mike was working a night Access Express route.  He picked up a trio of regular route passengers waiting at a bus stop not covered by a night route and took them to their destination. 

Gary and Tim have been working well with each other and the supervisors to pick up passengers at the stop at Boonville and Division when the line 38 is late.  Good teamwork Tim and Gary!

Fernando was driving the bus and I was running to catch it. While I was running my Subway hat flew off and I needed to catch the bus so I just forgot about. Then he pulled forward got off his bus and grabbed my hat for me.