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Celebrating Low Rates In Springfield

Sep 30, 2019

Do you know what it means to be community powered? At the heart of our community, we pride ourselves on connecting you to electricity, natural gas, water, broadband and transit services. During Public Power Week, Oct. 6-12, we’re celebrating the affordable, reliable electricity that comes from your community-owned utility!

In a recent national survey of U.S. electric rates by Lincoln Electric System, we rank ninth in lowest electric rates, which is up from our spot at number 12 in 2018.

Based on a residential usage of 1,000 kilowatt-hours, the average CU customer bill was $90.86, which is down roughly 5% from 2018. This gives us a great barometer for where our rates stand on statewide and national levels.

At 10.19 cents per kilowatt hour, our rates are lower than the Missouri average at 11.17 cents per kilowatt hour and the national average at 12.89 cents per kilowatt hour.

These low rates mean great things for economic development in Springfield.

Affordable electric rates aren’t the only thing we’re celebrating. We’re proud of the energy we can provide to you.

In 2018, over 30% of our power was generated from renewable resources and in 2019, that number is anticipated to be over 40%! We’re utilizing wind power, hydro power and solar power.

With over 950 employees working every day for you, we’re proud to live and work in Springfield, and be your community-owned utility!