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Terrors Lurking In Your Home

Sep 30, 2019

Ghouls, witches, vampires – oh, my! Do you know what hidden terrors may be lurking in your home? We’re talking about vampires loads – evil ghouls that suck electrical power from your appliances when you aren’t using them, taking a big bite out of your wallet.

Did you know? Your smart phone’s charger that you left plugged in to the wall after disconnecting the phone continues to consume .26 watts of energy. Better yet, it consumes 2.24 watts when your phone is fully charged and still plugged in to the wall. Multiply that by the many, many electronics and appliances in your home and it’s easy to see why creatures of the night spook your utility bill.

Fear not! Here’s four ways you can slay these energy vampires.

  1. Unplug everything you realistically can unplug. This may not work for every device or appliance in your home, but if you have a TV you don’t use very often, consider unplugging it until the next time you use it.
  2. Use power strips. Power strips allow you to toggle the power on and off to several devices at once. This allows you to keep clusters of electronics from using any power from using electricity with the flip of a switch. Feeling extra fancy? Grab an advanced power strip that will turn off idle electronics without any extra work from you.
  3. Curb idle time. When you’re finished with the computer or a game console, don’t simply pause the game or put the computer to sleep. Turn the devices off.
  4. Sending ancient skeletons to the electronics graveyard? Take the opportunity to make smart upgrades and replace them with Energy Star devices. Give this calculator a try to see how much energy your devices are using.

This October, leave the ghouls, witches and vampires to the trick-or-treaters, and eliminate the spooky vampire loads from your home.