Winter Tips

Nov 8, 2019

Prepare Your Home for Cold Winter Days

Weather predictions for next week indicate extreme cold temperatures arriving late Sunday night and lasting into mid-week. With the official start of winter still several weeks away, now is the time to take advantage of any warmer days to winterize your home. CU suggests these steps:

  • Weatherproof your home – Stop drafts by installing weather stripping around exterior doors and door sweeps at the bottom. If you can see light around your door when it’s closed – you have a leak. A quick fix is to place a rolled-up towel at the base of any exterior door to stop the draft.
  • Maintain the Furnace – Well-maintained equipment runs more efficiently, so be sure to tune up your HVAC equipment. Change or clean your air filters 2-3 times during the heating season.
  • Take Control your Thermostat – Smart thermostats allow you to adjust and control temperatures that fit your comfort and lifestyle. Using the thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection, you can control your smart thermostat while you are away.
  • Add more Insulation – Increasing insulation not only saves on energy costs but makes your home more comfortable year-round. Upgrading attic insulation is one of the most cost-effective efficiency improvements you can make to your home.

CU offers a variety of rebates to help you control your winter utility bill. Visit to see how you can get connected to savings today!