March 2020 Board Update

Mar 26, 2020

Board Updated on Utility Actions During COVID-19 Pandemic

“We are here for the long haul to serve our customers,” was the message conveyed to the Board of Public Utilities today. The 11- member board met via remote conferencing for its March meeting. “Weeks ago, we began tracking events and assembled an internal task force to address every situation we could think of for the duration of the pandemic,” said Gary Gibson, General Manager of City Utilities of Springfield. “Their task is to ensure the continued daily operation for all areas of the utility, and to be prepared for any potential issues that might impact our employees, and more importantly, our community.”


Suspension of Utility Serve Disconnections

On March 16, City Utilities suspended any disconnection of service for non-payment until May 1, 2020, due to the COVID-19 situation. Customers who are or who think they will have financial difficulty with utility bills are asked to contact Customer Service at 417-863-9000 to discuss their situation.


Electric and Natural Gas Fuel Cost Adjustments

During the next six months, April through September, CU electric customers using an average of 1000 kWh of energy can expect to pay $0.80 more per month than the period of October through March. The increase is based on truing up actual fuel costs from the prior six months with previously estimated costs as well as incorporating forecasted fuel costs over the next six months.  The fuel rate for April through September is $2.64 less than the average fuel cost over the past 10 years. 

Natural Gas customers can expect, on average, a decrease of approximately $0.88 per month to what they otherwise would pay for purchased gas costs.  The adjustment is based on average natural gas use of 22 therms during the months of April through September and trues up the difference between the previously projected costs and actual natural gas costs.


CU is constantly preparing for many kinds of emergencies, such as storms and other natural disasters; cyber and physical threats; and other events that may create disruptions to work and the workforce. CU is following its Pandemic Response and Business Continuation plans that have been in place but are adjusting as needed for this event.  These policies help to ensure that there is adequate coverage to continue the reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas, water, broadband and transit services.