COVID-19 – Social Distancing at Recreation Areas

Apr 9, 2020

City Utilities Asks for Social Distancing to Be Followed at Recreation Areas

With the City and State’s order for Stay-At-Home in effect through April 24, more people are visiting Fellows and McDaniel Lakes for fishing and recreation. We are asking that those visiting those sites to comply with CDC guidelines and follow the recommended social distancing spacing with a minimum of six feet.

We want to do all we can to help our community get through this crisis, yet we must also follow the guidance set forth by the Health Department and the CDC. If we continue to see increased traffic and attendance at these areas, and social distancing not being practiced, we may need to look at modifying or closing access to these areas. The health and safety of our community is always at the forefront of any decision we make regarding our services.

City Utilities (CU) continues to follow the situation regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and its impact to our customers. We are taking every possible precaution and safety measure to ensure the safety of customers and our employees.

CU is constantly preparing for many kinds of emergencies, such as storms and other natural disasters; cyber and physical threats; and other events that may create disruptions to work and the workforce. CU is following its Pandemic Response and Business Continuation plans that have been in place but are adjusting as needed for this situation. These policies help to ensure that there is adequate coverage to continue the reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas, water, broadband and transit services.