Scammers Are Still Working!

Apr 14, 2020

Scammers Are Still Working – Call Us If You Have Utility Concerns 

City Utilities is urging customers to use caution and call our Customer Service representative if you think someone is trying to scam you or intentionally interrupt your utility service.

We recently had a situation where a customer was approached by a person claiming to be working for CU. The customer was suspicious and called our office to verify which caused the person to leave the residence.

Our crews are still working on several projects in our area and all have proper CU issued identification badges or clothing. In addition to City Utilities crews, contract crews are working to install AMI meters and other contract crews are working on fiber expansion projects as well as daily service needs.

If you have a question or concern, please contact City Utilities at 417-863-9000 to confirm and answer your questions.

As a reminder, we make every effort to reach out prior to any work on the systems and especially at individual homes and businesses. While we cannot predict outages caused by outlying circumstances such as weather and accidents, we will do our best to alert you should it be necessary.


CU is constantly preparing for many kinds of emergencies, such as storms and other natural disasters; cyber and physical threats; and other events that may create disruptions to work and the workforce. CU is following its Pandemic Response and Business Continuation plans that have been in place but are adjusting as needed for this event.  These policies help to ensure that there is adequate coverage to continue the reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas, water, broadband and transit services.