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Beware of Utility Disconnection Scam

May 19, 2020

City Utilities of Springfield is advising customers to be aware of a scam asking for immediate payment or utility service will be disconnected. If you receive a call demanding immediate payment, do not give them any personal information, hang up and call us directly at 417-863-9000.

Due to the COVID-19 issues, service disconnections for non-payment of utility bills are not occurring through at least July 6th.

Customers are asked to contact our Customer Service area at 417-863-9000 to inform us if they anticipate having difficulty in making payments. Be aware that call volume may increase during this time, so we ask that you please be patient. The lobby area remains closed until further notice. Customers may also visit for additional payment options.

CU is constantly preparing for many kinds of emergencies, such as storms and other natural disasters; cyber and physical threats; and other events that may create disruptions to work and the workforce. CU is following its Pandemic Response and Business Continuation plans that have been in place, but are adjusting as needed for this event. These policies help to ensure that there is adequate coverage to continue the reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas, water, broadband and transit services.