How Spring Affects Your Power

Jun 2, 2020

From severe weather to curious animals, spring has everything you need for the perfect storm of power outages. We are always prepared to respond to outages and do many proactive things to keep the lights on, but sometimes, Mother Nature has another plan.

With almost 11 inches of precipitation in May, Springfield has experienced its share of spring weather in the last few weeks. When the ground is saturated, that is not good news for trees. Especially with large, mature trees, the soft, wet ground is not hard enough to support the tree canopy. Even when the tree has been trimmed out of the right of way, a large tree can fall over into power lines and cause an outage.

The same can happen to power poles. A pole is held in place with well-compacted dirt, but if the ground becomes saturated, that can cause a pole to fall over. It isn’t a frequent occurrence, but it does still happen.

Along with the rain, spring severe weather can also bring high winds and tornados. Especially when paired with saturated ground, high winds can knock over trees and equipment causing outages. Winds also blow tree limbs and debris into power lines.

Wind and rain aren’t the only things that come along with storms that cause outages. Lightning strikes also cause damage to equipment, which causes outages.

Finally, let’s not forget about our curious, furry friends who are particularly active in the spring. Squirrels and birds are notorious for finding their way into transformers. When they touch the right thing at the wrong time, that’s where we get a power outage.

No matter how the outage happens this spring, now is the time to make sure you are prepared. Follow these steps so you’re ready if you lose power:

  1. Ensure your phone number is up to date on your account. This makes reporting your outage by phone faster and easier.
  2. Keep our outage phone number, 1-888-863-9001, handy. We recommend saving it in your phone and posting it on your refrigerator.
  3. Prepare a simple emergency kit. You can find details about ours on the blog.