September 2020 Board Update

Sep 24, 2020

October 4 – 10 Recognized as Public Energy Week

City Utilities of Springfield joins the American Power Association (APPA), and the American Public Gas Association (APGA), in recognizing the week of October 4 – 10 as Public Energy Week. CU is one of over 2,000 community-owned, electric utilities and 1,000 natural gas utilities, that collectively provide energy to 49-million Americans. “We are proud to be community powered,” said General Manager Gary Gibson, “Public energy providers put the people of their communities first, and Public Energy Week allows us to emphasize the advantages of having locally produced, locally owned energy to our neighbors.”


Electric and Natural Gas Fuel Cost Adjustments

During the next six-months, October 2020 through March 2021, CU electric customers using an average of 1,000 kWh of energy can expect to pay $4.10 less per month than the period of April through August. The decrease is based on truing up actual fuel costs from the prior six months with previously estimated costs as well as incorporating forecasted fuel costs over the next six months. The fuel rate for October through March is $6.33 less than the average fuel cost over the past 10 years.

Natural Gas customers can expect, on average, an increase of approximately 11 cents per month to what they otherwise would pay for purchased gas costs. The adjustment is based on average natural gas use of 76 therms during the months of October through March and trues up the difference between the previously projected costs and actual natural gas costs.

These routine adjustments, up or down, occur every six months.