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Celebrating National Engineers Week

Feb 2, 2021

Four women from different backgrounds with a love for math and a desire to improve their community brought their careers to City Utilities. We’re celebrating National Engineers Week on February 21-27 and diversity in the field of engineering. Meet four of our talented female engineers, Krista, Bethany, Pam and Hannah.


When choosing a career path, Krista blended her passion for protecting the planet with her propensity for math and science. She decided in the 8th grade she would become an environmental engineer, “to help save the world.”

Before she came to City Utilities, Krista spent a decade as a consultant doing “traditional” engineering design and overseeing the construction of various infrastructure projects. In her current role Director – Rates and Fuels, she uses problem solving (and a lot of math) in rate design. She likes that her role helps ensure that our community-owned utility provides value to Springfield.


While Bethany was in engineering school, she helped with a rain water system project in Jamaica. The experience really cemented her love of engineering and fueled her desire to help her community.

As an engineer in SpringNet, Bethany enjoys that she gets to use her engineering skill set every day to both help improve the community and help save customers money. Her engineering training helped her learn the best way to execute these design projects. For anyone thinking about pursing a career in engineering, Bethany says enjoying math helps, but you can do anything you are passionate about and commit your mind to!


Pam was good at math and science in high school. She always enjoyed a challenge, so engineering was a good fit for her skills.

At City Utilities, Pam is the Manager of Developer Services. While she doesn’t use a lot of technical engineering in her day-to-day role, she uses engineering skills such as logical and critical thinking every day. Plus, she interacts with a lot of engineers, so her background helps her speak their language.


Thanks to the encouragement from her high school physics teacher, Hannah applied for and was accepted as an intern at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It was an opportunity that opened her eyes to the world of engineering and how it has a direct impact on people’s daily lives.

Working at City Utilities, Hannah enjoys the wholeness of her work and the community-focused mindset. As a Natural Gas & Water Engineer, she primarily works on gas and water main renewals, which involves many Auto-CAD drawings as well as countless details from standards to site conditions and more. Engineering plays an important role in understanding and managing all these details, but most of all, it drives the consistent willingness and desire to learn new things and develop improved skills.