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10 Reasons To Update Your Home’s Insulation

Feb 2, 2021

The cold weather may have your furnace working double time to keep your home warm. A little extra insulation can go a long way in giving your furnace a break. Keep your home comfortable year round by upgrading your home’s insulation! Not convinced?

Here are 10 reasons you should upgrade your insulation.

  1. Saves money. When you use less electricity or natural gas, you’ll naturally reduce your costs. You could save up to 20 percent annually on your energy costs.
  2. Year-round comfort. Insulation reduces the flow of heat in the winter (from inside to outside), and in the summer (from outside to inside).
  3. Cost effective. Upgrading your insulation could have a payback of less than five years.
  4. Rebates are available. Save even more! We offer a rebate on upgrading your insulation that covers 20 percent of the cost, up to $300! Find out more.
  5. Adds value. Utility costs are often analyzed when buyers are researching homes.
  6. Helps the community. By using our resources wisely, we can reduce the need for costly system upgrades that effect everyone in our community.
  7. Noise reduction. Insulation not only reduces heat flow, but also is a great sound-absorbing material.
  8. Healthier home. When properly installed, additional insualtion can reduce mold growth by reducing the potential for condensation.
  9. Heat and cool more efficiently. By reducing the amount of heat flow, your HVAC equipment will not have to run as long to reach the thermostat setting.
  10. Do it first. Although it may not be an eye-catching improvement, it should be one of the first items you consider when making your home more efficient.

Ready to upgrade the insulation in your home? Check out our rebate and contact us (at the bottom of the rebate page) if you have any questions!