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March 2021 Board Update

Mar 25, 2021

Utility Customers Benefit from Local Electric Generation During Weather Crisis

During the unprecedented winter weather event experienced in February, City Utilities utilized its local electric generating sources to support not only our community but was able to sell excess electric generation to the region.  CU’s ability to locally generate electricity and sell excess production into the regional energy market has allowed City Utilities to cover any purchased electricity costs during the February weather anomaly.

“Having local electric generation saved our customers millions in energy costs,” said Gary Gibson, City Utilities General Manager & CEO.  “Springfield has benefitted from our participation in SPP for many years by diversifying our portfolio with regional sources and playing an active role in competitive energy pricing for our customers. The extreme conditions of February 11 – 20 highlighted not only the value of this partnership but the capabilities of City Utilities within our region.”

Today, the Board of Public Utilities approved a resolution seeking a one-time variance to its Electric Fuel Adjustment Clause.  This variance will allow City Utilities to exclude the costs of energy purchased February 11 – 20, 2021. If approved by City Council, this variance will reduce the impact of the February weather event on the average residential electric customers by approximately $11.50 per month over the next six months.

The resolution now moves to City Council for first reading and consideration during the April 5 session.


Daughters of the American Revolution Recognizes Efforts of Utility Employees

Members of the Rachel Donelson chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) made a presentation to the Board of Public Utilities and Gary Gibson, City Utilities General Manager, recognizing the work done during the February 2021 weather event, and for daily work completed by the employees of City Utilities. “The DAR appreciates all of the efforts and work done by all the employees of the utility,’ said Pat Haas, chapter Vice Regent, “Our community is fortunate to have a utility that prepares for and responds quickly to a crisis, and we’re grateful for each employee that is so dedicated to their work.”