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The Faces Delivering Clean Water To You

May 5, 2021

It’s easy to turn on the faucet at home to get a drink or water some flowers, but have you ever thought about how drinking water gets to you? Mike, James, Byron, and Chris (pictured left to right) each have very different jobs with one goal – delivering clean drinking water to you!

As we celebrate National Drinking Water Week on May 2-8, learn a little about the role each of these employees plays in the process.

Mike, Heavy Equipment Operator

Mike works in water construction. Water infrastructure is the name of his game. Without the proper infrastructure, clean drinking water wouldn’t make it to your home.

When asked what he likes about his job, Mike says he enjoys everything.

James, Relief Operator

We have two water treatment facilities in Springfield – Blackman Water Treatment Plant and Fulbright Water Treatment Plant. James’ role oversees the treatment process at Fulbright. He makes sure that the source water that comes into the plant goes through a series of processes to come out on the other side ready for you to use.

Byron, Supervisor Water Treatment Maintenance

Byron is another friendly face at the Fulbright Water Treatment Plant. He’s behind the scenes making sure that the plant itself is well maintained and operating properly. His team also maintains infrastructure from our water sources to the plant and from the plant into our distribution system.

“I really like the people I work with,” Byron said. “I feel good coming to work every day knowing I’m helping to deliver a quality product to the people in the community who need it!”

Chris, Water Quality Analyst

Chris hails from the opposite side of town from the Fulbright Water Treatment Plant. He works in the lab at our Blackman facility. If science is your thing, you’ll love Chris’ job. As an organic chemist, he is responsible for monitoring what’s exactly in the water you’re drinking. The results of his work help us make decisions about how we treat the water to make sure it is clean!

“It gives me great pride to be a part of maintaining the quality of the water that my family and the community use every day!” Chris said.