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June 2021 Board Update

Jun 17, 2021

Way to Conserve and Save During Summer Months

Hot summer weather can quickly lead to higher utility bills for customers. City Utilities reminds customers of several ways to help reduce the impact of the heat on your budget.

  • Adjust your thermostat up from your normal setting. The recommended setting for summer is 78 degrees.
  • Use fans, floor, or ceiling, to keep air moving and to allow for higher thermostat settings.
  • Change the filters monthly in your HVAC system and have the system inspected regularly for proper function.
  • Check for air leaks around doors and windows. Seal around them to reduce the amount of heat coming in and cool air escaping.
  • Close drapes, curtains, and shades to keep the sunlight from adding extra heat to your home. Especially on the west and south sides.
  • Add insulation to help save money year-round.
  • Conserve water costs by using the Even/Odd irrigation method for you yard. If your house number is even, water on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. If your house is number is odd, Water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. No watering on Monday.

Additional information on these and other tips, plus available rebates, can be found on the Ways to Save page of our website.


Board Returns to Boardroom for Meetings

During today’s meeting, the Board was updated on federal legislative issues directed at utilities, and ultimately the customers, of utilities and how Public Power utilities like CU, help to provide quality services to their communities.