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How Rebates Save You Money

Jul 8, 2021

Rebates for making efficiency upgrades in your home save you money in more than one way! You save money upfront, and you continue saving for years to come.

The first way you save money is in the form of a rebate after you complete a qualifying update. Here are the efficiency upgrades you can make that qualify for rebates:

When you make efficiency upgrades in your home, the second way you save money is from that energy and/or water savings that you’ll see on your utility bill for years to come! For example, when you replace a toilet that is over 15 years old, you will likely cut your water usage in half, which also means you reduce the amount you pay for your sewer service!

Have you ever wondered why we’re rewarding you for being more efficient, and using less energy and water? We promise it’s not a trick question. When you are more efficient and save money, we all do! Our job is to make sure you have however much electricity, natural gas, or water whenever you want it.  That means we have to buy or build enough resources to make that happen. If everyone uses those resources wisely, that’s less we have to buy or build – ultimately saving money for the whole community.

Are you ready to make some efficiency upgrades in your home? Learn more about how you can save at or call our Energy Services team at 417-874-8200.