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Celebrating Those Who Serve YOU

Oct 1, 2021

They are the people who take your calls. They are the people who dispatch help when it is needed. They are our customer service team, and their work is one of the first things you see when you get in touch with us.

To honor customer service appreciation week, meet Tara, Ryan, Ivan, and Kelsey! These four people each have a unique role in serving you and love what they do for different reasons.

Tara, Billing Specialist

In Tara’s five years at the utility, she’s taken your calls as a customer service representative, she’s seen you at the lobby window, and now she serves you as a billing specialist. As a billing specialist, Tara ensures you’re correctly billed each month and she has a passion for working on special projects as they come up.

While working at the lobby window, Tara encountered a customer she will never forget. A single mom came in with her kids. She was a full-time student and struggling with her bill. Tara told her about Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC) and the help they might be able to provide then helped her through the application process.

“She was stressed,” Tara said. “She came back to the lobby after applying and getting approved to thank me for helping her. I’ll never forget helping that customer.”

Ryan, Senior Customer Service Representative

If you ever call and need some extra help, you might speak to Ryan. As a senior customer service representative, he takes escalated calls and helps customer service representatives with questions or issues as they arise.

Ryan’s favorite thing about working at City Utilities is the people. He considers his coworkers one big family and loves how we consider the community family as well!

“All our customer service representatives go above and beyond thinking outside the box to come up with solutions for our customers,” Ryan said. “I couldn’t work with more caring people, and it is always my go-to story when I talk about CU because CU definitely cares!”

Ivan, Field Scheduler

As a field scheduler, Ivan helps you in different ways than the customer service representatives. He helps you when you have an outage or a gas leak by dispatching a field technician to help you.

Ivan got his start as a customer service representative five years ago but working as a field scheduler is what he has always wanted to do. Many of the calls Ivan takes are emergency calls. If there’s a gas leak, we must send someone within the hour, and he likes he can make a difference for that customer. He has a lot of pride in his work.

“Customer service is really important. We’re the first line when customers call,” Ivan said. “We have a responsibility to serve our customers.”

Kelsey, Customer Service Representative

Kelsey’s voice is one you may hear when you call customer service. She’s ready to help you set up a new account, answer your billing questions, respond to your emails, and she helps train new customer service representatives.

She enjoys the opportunity to help you solve the issues you might be experiencing. Providing customers with community resources and doing what she can to help people are some of the best parts of her job.

“My favorite thing about working for City Utilities is the people,” Kelsey said. “I enjoy my job and the work environment is very positive.”