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5 Tips To Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day

Oct 1, 2021

Today we’re celebrating Energy Efficiency Day. Making your home more energy efficient is going to save you big this winter.

Here are our top five favorite ways to make your home more efficient.

  1. Add insulation. Attics, crawl spaces and exterior walls are all places where it can really pay to have the right amount of insulation. Plus, with our limited time rebate, you’ll get 50% cash back, up to $500.
  2. Install a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust and control temperatures that fit your comfort and lifestyle, and you’ll get $75 back with our rebate.
  3. Adjust your water temperature. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater to the medium to low setting at 125 degrees and wrap it with an insulation blanket to reduce heat loss.
  4. Seal air leaks. Check around windows and doors where you can see light around the edges or feel a draft. Use caulk or weatherstripping to fill the gaps.
  5. Switch to LED lights. Turn off lights in unoccupied areas and switch to high-efficiency LED lightbulbs that use up to 80% less energy.

We’re also celebrating Public Energy Week, Oct. 3-9, along with the American Public Power Association, the American Public Gas Association, and more than 2,000 other community-owned, not-for-profit utilities.

As a public energy utility, we’re part of the Springfield community and it is the community who owns the utility. This local control allows us to have lower rates, more reliable service, and support our local economy!