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Help Us Stop Copper Theft

Nov 2, 2021

We’ve recently become a target for thieves stealing copper wiring and YOU, a CU customer, are the ultimate victim.
Over the past few weeks, thieves have taken underground copper wiring between streetlights in several sections of Springfield, leaving these areas without adequate lighting. In another area, over a mile of overhead copper cable was taken from utility poles.
Besides the cost to repair and replace the stolen material, the situation is compounded by delaying work on other community projects. We need your help to stop these thefts and potentially identify the person or persons responsible for copper theft.
You can help by calling 911 if you:
  • Notice or have recently seen unusual activity around electric utility equipment in your neighborhood or other areas.
  • Notice damaged or missing electric line equipment.
  • See or suspect people working with or near electric line equipment who are not identified as City Utilities employees or contractors.
  • Are suspicious of work being done late in the evening, overnight, or unexpected electric utility work during the weekend. Work during these hours is only assigned to City Utilities’ crews.
If you notice any situations like these or suspect unusual activity, take note of any vehicles or persons, and photos or video if possible, and call City Utilities at 417-863-9000, or reach the Springfield, MO Police Department or Greene County Sheriff’s Office at 911.