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How AMI Saves You Money

Jan 4, 2022

Since 2015, we have been working to replace all the legacy electric, gas, and water meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure or AMI. We completed the electric portion of this project in September 2020, and the gas and water portions are on track for completion in fall 2023. This technology allows the ability for two-way communication between us and your meter, which saves you money and can make your life easier.

Water Leak Detection

With an AMI meter, we can now detect large water leaks at your home or business that you may not know about before it becomes a costly problem. We started this program in December 2019 and so far, we have contacted almost 4,000 residential customers about possible leaks. Often, the issue can be a leaky flapper valve on a toilet, a faulty irrigation system, or a spigot that has been left on outside the home.

Following the severe winter weather event in February 2021, we contacted more than 300 customers for possible water leaks from broken pipes caused by the extended freezing temperatures. In many cases, we notified the customer before they were aware of it.

How do we do it? A computer analyzes the hourly usage data from the water meter. If the water usage is constant and reaches a set amount over a certain number of days, the computer determines that a water leak is likely. This process runs daily using the previous day’s usage data. Our data isn’t captured in real time.

Usage Portal

The data from an AMI meter gives you everything you need to make the best decisions about your utility consumption. In your City Utilities – My Account, both in the app and on the website, you have access to hourly interval data that not only shows what is being consumed (gas, water, electric), but also when it is being consumed. If your meter isn’t AMI yet, you still have access to your monthly data in an easy-to-ready chart.

This knowledge can help you identify areas where you might be able to cut back on your usage to help you save money. It also helps us troubleshoot potential issues with your usage when you call us for help. Many times, this data has helped us, for example, identify irrigation systems that aren’t properly programmed or cases of furnace heat-strips running during the cooling season.

Outage Reporting

While you have an electric AMI meter at your home, we’re still asking for your help with reporting your power outage by calling us at 1-888-863-9001 or reporting it at It is helpful if you notify us when you are experiencing an outage as we use multiple sources of information to verify where an outage is happening.

In the future, utilizing that two-way communication that AMI allows, our goal is to make outage detection and notification seamless from your perspective.