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Stay Comfortable No Matter the Weather with City Utilities’ Rebates

Feb 3, 2022

Ozarks’ weather can be unpredictable and so can your utility bill. Gain the advantage on your heating bills with City Utilities’ smart thermostat and HVAC rebates.

A smart thermostat is a smart way to save.

 Smart thermostats can maximize your energy-savings without sacrificing comfort. Easily save energy by adjusting the thermostat from your smartphone while you’re away. Adjusting the temperature while you aren’t home or asleep can add up to big savings.

City Utilities makes investing in a smart thermostat easy by offering a rebate that can save you $75!

Take advantage of City Utilities’ HVAC rebates.

If your furnace is old, the new energy-efficient models can help you save on heating bills. With City Utilities’ HVAC rebates, you can get your home ready for any season and save money all year-long.

With heating and cooling accounting for nearly 50% of your home’s energy consumption, it is important to choose the right equipment to meet your needs. City Utilities offers a variety of HVAC rebates to help you invest in an energy-efficient unit.

  • ENERGY STAR® Central Air Conditioner Rebate up to $500
  • ENERGY STAR® Natural Gas Furnace Rebate up to $400
  • ENERGY STAR® Air-Source Heat Pump Rebate up to $500
  • ENERGY STAR® Geothermal Heat Pump Rebate $1,025