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From Stream to Tap

May 13, 2022

No matter the weather, you can count on hardworking City Utilities employees braving the elements to maintain the infrastructure needed to ensure that you have high-quality drinking water. From treatment to water quality testing, construction to distribution, City Utilities works around the clock to make sure that the water coming out of your tap is safe and great-tasting.

Excellence in Water Quality

For the 21st year in a row, City Utilities of Springfield’s Blackman and Fulbright Water Treatment Plants have received the Director’s Award from the Partnership for Safe Water, a program of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). This award is given in recognition of the efforts to achieve excellence in water quality far beyond what is required by federal regulations. Less than one percent of the treatment plants in the United States have received this recognition.

Have you ever wondered how your water is treated?

From stream to tap, this is what it takes to treat drinking water.

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