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August 2022 Board Update

Aug 18, 2022

Board Approves Operating Budget, Water Rate Adjustments, & Policy Revisions

The Board of Public Utilities has approved the Fiscal Year 2023 Operating Budget for all areas of the utility. The 2023 Operating Budget will be presented to City Council on Tuesday, September 6, for first reading with the second reading to occur on Monday, September 19. The budget proposal provides disbursement authority in the amount of $656,398,687 which includes fuels, capital projects, and non-capital operational expenses. The Fiscal Year for CU is from October 1 through September 30.

Council will also receive a request from the Board of Public Utilities, to approve a three-year adjustment in water rates to support an increase of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Drinking Water Primacy Fee, support the water main replacement program, and to cover increasing operation and maintenance costs. The requested rate changes would begin on October 1, of 2023, with a 0.8% Missouri DNR Primacy Fee adjustment, and a 4.5% water rate adjustment, October 1, 2024, and 2025, would see adjustments of 4.7%, and 4.0% respectively. Once all adjustments are in effect, residential customers with normal monthly usage could see at total impact of $5.25 per month. The most recent water rate adjustment was in 2020.


Revisions to Polices Including Park & Recreation Regulations

The Board also approved revisions and updates to several utility polices. Most notably is a change in the Fellows Lake section of the Park & Recreation Regulations that will allow paddleboarding on Fellows Lake with a non-motorized boat permit on the paddleboard. Swimming at Fellows Lake, or any reservoir maintained by City Utilities, is not allowed at any time and if any purposefully swimming from a paddleboard, could result in revocation of the permit. Approval from City Council is required for regulation changes. First reading will occur on September 6.

Other policy revisions included updates to outdoor and private lighting policies, the renaming of Tree Management to Vegetation Management and updates to now include all vegetation around electric and fiber optic cables, and a change for unauthorized use of Natural Gas by a Curtailable Customer during a declared curtailable event. Policies that have been revised during the August 18 meeting are available on the newsroom section of our website.