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2022 Natural Gas Letter

Aug 22, 2022

Dear City Utilities Natural Gas Customer,


Across the globe, there is an increased demand for natural gas. In addition, compounding supply chain issues and extreme climate conditions contribute to the increased market prices that utilities pay for natural gas. In August of 2021, the market cost of natural gas was lower than $4.00 per million BTU. Currently, that cost is well over $8.00 for the same amount. Because of the purchasing and storage strategies City Utilities has in place, the cost we pay as a community utility is lower than those market prices. However, these increases will impact your winter heating bills.


As your neighbors, we understand the impact the increased cost of goods and services has on your budget as it affects our families, too. As prices continue to go up, we are all looking for ways to reduce costs. By reaching out to you now, we hope we can help you better prepare for the winter and provide tips to lessen the impact of these costs on your household or business.


You will hear more about this issue as the seasons begin to change, but we feel it’s important to reach out to you before you begin heating your home this fall. We want to assure you that City Utilities is doing everything we can to control these costs. If you need help with your bill, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service team so we can discuss options such as payment arrangements or available community programs for financial assistance.


As always, we are looking for more ways to help you to save on energy bills this winter and beyond. Energy-saving tips and rebates are available on our website. You can find account-specific information by using your MY ACCOUNT customer portal. This site allows you to learn more about your usage habits and how much natural gas, water, and electricity you use on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. MY ACCOUNT also gives you the opportunity to receive alerts on outages and set up your contact preferences. You’ll find the MY ACCOUNT customer portal at or by downloading the app.


It is our commitment to continue to connect you to reliable utilities. If you have any questions about how the natural gas market may impact your account, please contact our Customer Service team at (417) 863-9000.




Gary GibsonScan this QR code to download MY ACCOUNT


City Utilities of Springfield, MO