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‘Tis the Season for Scammers

Nov 14, 2022

It’s the time of year when customers across the country are targeted by groups looking to get your personal information. Keep your information safe and your holiday season festive with these simple tips:

TIP 1. If you get a call from someone threatening to cut off your power if you do not pay, hang up immediately. This is a scam.

TIP 2. Call us to report a scam or something you may think is a scam. Don’t forget to check on your account.

TIP 3. Never give personal or financial information to an unsolicited caller or via email. If you think the call may be legitimate, hang up and call us back directly at 417-863-9000 to confirm the caller’s information.

TIP 4. We will never require you to purchase a prepaid debit card or any other kind of gift card to avoid having your services disconnected.

TIP 5. Customers who have delinquent accounts will have multiple opportunities to resolve them with a customer service representative prior to being disconnected.

We are here to help you through any payment issues you may have. We will never use aggressive or threatening tactics. If you suspect fraud or feel threatened, hang up and call your local police, and then call us at (417) 863-9000.