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Degrees of Savings

Jan 4, 2023

Just like winter weather, a few degrees can make all the difference when it comes to energy-savings.

Freezing rain, sleet, or snow? A couple of degrees can drastically change the weather forecast. The same goes for your energy-savings. Turning your thermostat down can make a big difference on your utility bill. Here are a few tips to keep your usage low during winter weather.

When it comes to heating, 68 degrees is the magic number.

Heating and cooling account for nearly 50% of your energy consumption. You can save 3% – 5% of your heating costs for each degree you set your thermostat below 68.  Turning down your thermostat while you’re gone or asleep can result in big savings.

A smart thermostat is an easy way to keep an eye on the temperature while you’re away by allowing you to make adjustments from your smartphone. Check out City Utilities’ smart thermostat rebate that can save you $75!

Adjust your water heater temperature.

Keeping your water heater temperature between 120-125 degrees can help you save. Also, consider wrapping your water heater with an insulation blanket to help reduce heat loss through the tank walls – which is where most of your water-heating energy dollars go.


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