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January 2023 Board Update

Jan 27, 2023

Annual Independent Audit Findings

Accounting firm Forvis (formerly BKD) reported a clean opinion and found no areas of concern regarding the financial position of the utility. The independent audit report was for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022. The full audit report is available on the City Utilities website.


Communicating During Electric Outage Events

The brief winter blast this week is a reminder of how rapidly weather conditions can change and the importance of accurate contact information during power outages. Customers can verify their phone and contact information by accessing, or registering with My Account, or by contacting our Customer Service representatives at 417-863-9000.

To report a power outage, customers should call 1-888-863-9001, or by accessing the My Account outage reporting tool, through the mobile app or website, to report the outage. Either method will rapidly enter your report into the system. Outage reports cannot be taken or entered on any social media platform. Outage restoration times will be updated as crews assess the situations and make repairs. Outage information and safety reminders are available on our website. Details on My Account, and the many features it provides, can also be found on our website or by contacting our Customer Service area at 417-863-9000.


Act Fast if You Smell Gas

Natural gas is very important to our everyday lives and mostly commonly used this time of year for heating homes and businesses. It’s important to be familiar with the “smell” of natural gas and safety steps to take if you suspect a natural gas leak. If a natural gas leak is suspected, or a natural gas service or line is damaged, Act Fast and leave the area immediately. From a safe distance away, call City Utilities at 417-863-9000, or 9-1-1, and report gas service problem. Additional details including information from Missouri 811 can be found in the safety section of our website.