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Fall in Love with this Budgeting Tool

Feb 10, 2023

One of the best tips for financial health is to have a household budget. With a budget, it’s easy to precisely keep track of your income and expenses. Your utility bill can sometimes be your budget’s wild card. It can vary widely from season to season depending on many factors.

Imagine how much easier it would be to plan your monthly finances and cut the peaks and valleys from your bill if you had one predictable payment each month. That’s where Level Pay comes in. Once you have established 12 months of billing history at your current address, you’re eligible to sign up for Level Pay.

Your new payment amount will be an average of your bills from the past year. Once you’re on Level Pay, we continue reading your meter each month and provide you with your exact usage data.

Our goal for you on Level Pay is to pay 12 months’ worth of usage spread out over 12 months – no more, no less. If you use a little more or a little less than you did the previous year, it’s all good! When we review your account at the end of the year, we will adjust if it’s needed. If you used a little more and have an outstanding balance on your account, we’ll spread that out over the next year along with your updated usage. If you used a little less and have a credit on your account, you’ll see your Level Pay amount go down!

Are you ready to sign up for Level Pay? Click here!