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Ready to dig in? Not so fast!

Apr 10, 2023

Spring has sprung! But before you spring into action with your next landscaping project, call Missouri 811 to ensure you plant safely and avoid making a costly mistake. April is National Safe Digging Month, which serves as an annual reminder that digging safely always starts with a call to 811.

Underground facilities, such as buried power lines, natural gas, water, sewer, fiber, and communications lines, are everywhere and damaging them could be both dangerous and expensive. Remember, no matter how big or small your project, every project should start with a call to 811. Through this service, a professional locator will mark your dig site so you can avoid underground facilities.

This service is FREE and required by law before any type of excavation or digging.

  • Placing a locate request is FREE. Call 811 or go to to make your request.
  • You must make your locate request three working days prior to starting your project.
  • Mark your dig site with white paint or white flags before contacting Missouri 811.
  • Always hand dig within two feet of marks or flags.
  • Never assume the depth of a buried facility.